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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

End of foriegn language driving tests

Driving candidate should be aware of the changes in legislation which will effect the test for their Intensive Driving Course in Bristol
Driving test candidates will no longer be able to use foreign language voiceovers and interpreters on their test from 7 April 2014.  (Ref: DSA Website)

“Right skills to use our roads”

Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, said:
We want to make sure that all drivers have the right skills to use our roads safely and responsibly. One area where we can help ensure this is by requiring all test candidates to take the test in English or Welsh, the national languages.
This will help to ensure that all new drivers will be able to understand traffic updates or emergency information when they pass their test. It will also help us to reduce the risk of fraud by stopping interpreters from indicating the correct answers to theory test questions.

Review of foreign language support

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) consulted earlier this year on a series of proposals reviewing the level of foreign language support available to candidates.
This was in response to concerns about:
  • potential road safety implications
  • the risk of fraud
  • the cost of providing translations
Almost 2,000 people had their say on the proposals.

Support for the withdrawal of foreign languages

More than 70% of the people who responded supported the withdrawal of foreign language voiceovers and interpreters on tests.
Many people agreed that a lack of understanding of the national language meant that some drivers may not be able to:
  • understand traffic signs
  • speak with traffic enforcement officers
  • read details of the rules of the road
There was also support for encouraging candidates to learn the national language to improve social cohesion.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Intensive Driving Course for Frome and Wells, Somerset

With increased interest from Frome and Wells areas, we now offer intensive driving lessons in these towns and surrounding areas.

Visit our main website at for full details of courses available.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Your Intensive Driving Course Test - Independent Driving

Many driving students worry about "Independent Driving" on their test. The following item is produced from the DSA guidelines and outlines the procedure used on test for independent driving on your Intensive Driving Course test

Independent driving section of the test

Your practical driving test will include around 10 minutes of independent driving. It’s not a test of your orientation and navigation skills.

How the test works

During your test you’ll have to drive independently by either following:
  • traffic signs
  • a series of directions
  • a combination of both
To help you understand where you’re going when following verbal directions, the examiner can show you a diagram.

You can’t use sat nav because the independent driving section tests how you make your own decisions.

Forgetting the directions

It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember every direction, or if you go the wrong way.
Driving independently means making your own decisions - this includes deciding when it’s safe and appropriate to ask for confirmation about where you’re going.
The examiner will confirm the directions to you if you ask for a reminder of them.

Going off the independent driving route

Your test result won’t be affected if you go off the independent driving route, unless you make a driving fault.
The examiner will help you get back on the route if you go off it or take a wrong turning. You can then continue with the independent driving.

Poor traffic signs

The examiner will give you directions until you can see the next traffic sign if there are poor or obscured traffic signs. You won’t need to have a detailed knowledge of the area.
On your Intensive Driving Course you will have lots of opportunity to practice this feature

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bristol and Bath Intensive Driving Courses

With such busy lifestyles, many people are turning to INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSES  to obtain their UK Driving Licence.

Average pass rates with us are over 80% first time pass and we have gained a strong reputation throughout the area for the delivery of successful professional driver training.

Emergency service drivers and many professional drivers such as HGV drivers are trained by this method. DSA examiners themselves undergo intensive training formats as do driving instructors to gain their qualifications.

We offer a range of intensive, semi-intensive, and Fast Track courses to suit all abilities and experience.

For full details of intensive driving lessons and courses contact us for some helpful advice.